As a musician, I love working with artists from other disciplines to create even more interesting pieces and works. Here are a few examples

Midnight Dwellings of the Insomniac

A soundscape composed for a project about insomnia by Lybrich Wieringa. The soundscape attempts to blur the line between music and pure ambience, with all sounds recorded by me and Lybrich. These were all sounds she associates with insomnia, the night, and delving inside of your own head.

Storm Aan Zee

This project was a collaboration with Tina van der Helm, who created the concept and costumes for this project. The idea was to portray a storm in three characters who interact with one another. I composed the music for this video.

The Random Character Creator

This project was a collaboration with different LARP YouTubers around the world. StatusLARP organised the project, and was joined by YouTubers such as Mo Mo O’Brien and Larp Girl. Though the annotations don’t work anymore, I provided the background music for this project.