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A moving piece for string quartet, based on the famous painting by Edward Hopper and an accompanying short story from the book “In Sunlight or in Shadow”



Creating a nostalgic feeling using children’s voices, kalimba and celesta. I explored both classical and modern compositional techniques

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Beat 11 | LoominArp

This is a snippet of a beat for which I used a fast, detuned synth arp line as the base for a hard hitting track

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Saturn Devouring His Son

A piece written based on the infamous painting by Francisco de Goya. The goal was to make the listener experience agony and fear, as is shown in the painting

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Theun Zeijdner / composer, producer
About me

I'm a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist from the Netherlands. In my music, I create ecletic atmospheres by combining modern sounds with classical/traditional compositional techniques and instrumentation. This draws from my long history with folk, ethnic, classical and historical music. Combined with a deep love for electronic music and hip hop, I create a sound conveying both old and new elements.

I first started making music when I was 12 years old, creating songs in Magix Music Maker. I then later turned to different software and started to experiment with producing, which was later followed by composing. While uploading music on YouTube for a few years, I released two EP's which were collections of some of these songs. Then, after starting my education at the University of the Arts Utrecht, I picked up producing again and released two singles, Episodic and Nighthawks.

I now regularly upload musical sketches to my Soundcloud. I've also released two other singles since, titled Thus Far and Remembrance.