Tracks released on Spotify, YouTube and other streaming services


This song and video, originally a project for a 180 degrees dome with a multi speaker installation, are based on a poem I wrote and incorporated into the track. It is also my first experience with animation in After Effects.


A small piece brought to life with virtual orchestration. I composed this for the winter holidays as a follow-up to my piece from last year, The Lantern


In this track, I aimed to create a nostalgic feeling by using metallic sounds of the kalimba and celeste, combined with recordings of children playing. It grew to be a electronic-classical hybrid with hiphop influences

Thus Far

A first in a series of tracks composed in a newer style, combining stylistic elements from many different genres. This track has also been uploaded by the YouTube channel Ambient, where it gained 22K views, becoming my most streamed track yet


This is a piece for string quartet, composed based on the famous painting by Edward Hopper and the accompanying short story from the book
‘In Sunlight And Shadow’


A piece for a large string ensemble, playing very subtle trills and articulations. With small additions from synthesizers and percusion, the track creates wide sounding atmosphere

The Lantern

My first piece composed for an orchestral arrangement. The occasion of this piece was for the winter holidays, to create a warm and fairy tale-like mood

Coffee at Twelve

An older piece, made to create a soundscape-like feeling. The main components of this piece are the recording of a coffee shop ambience, an electric piano in the lead, and a couple of electric sounds